Showing help for markup

Assuming the device supports some form of XHTML, this capability measures how reliably certain common designer features are supported, according to the following description:
- level "-1":
no XHTML support of any kind.
Possible WML support
Nokia 7110, 7210 as well as
all UP.Browser 4 and 5 devices.

- level "0" :
basic XHTML Support.
Minimum screen-width: 100 pixel
No (or very unreliable) CSS support.
Poor table support or none at all.
Basic forms: text field, select-option,
submit button.
May not be able to support input mask on fields.
Ex Device: SonyEricsson T610/T616

- level "1" :
XHTML with some CSS support.
Minimum sceen-width: 120 pixels.
Hyperlinks may not be collorable by CSS.
Basic table support: 2x2 or more.
Colspan and rowspan may not be supported.
"width" expressed as percentage may be
Ex Device: Sharp GX 10, Nokia 3650

- level "2" :
Assume same capabilities as
level "1", but may vary in the future.
Ex Device: Nokia6600,Nokia5300

- level "3" :
Excellent CSS support.
Padding, border and margin are correctly
Can reliable apply colors to links,
text and background.
CSS graphic effects are pixel perfect
Minimum sceen-width: 164 pixels.
Can support complex tables (but not
necessarily nested tables) up to
4 cells in a row.
Setting "font-size" of 10px or above produces readable text.
Supports background images also
when applied through CSS.
Generally running on 3G devices.
Ex: Nokia Series 60 DP 3,
Browsers: Openwave Mobile Browser 6.2,
MS Mobile Explorer,
recent BlackBerrys. Netfront 3.2, Sony PSP...
(assuming high-bandwidth, Edge/UMTS/...)

- level "4" :
Level 3 + Ajax support.
Toggle display property.
Ex: Safari Browser (including iPhone), MS Mobile Explorer, Openwave 7.2.