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You should start out by reading the README file. This file contains lots of important information, like installation.

Here are some important documentation links:

You can also see the highlighted source code for all the files in the Class Documentation page.

Current Version

Tera-WURFL (06 June 2011)
To upgrade to 2.1.4 you can copy the files directly over your existing installation. In version >= 2.1.4, the configuration file is included as an example only (TeraWurflConfig.php.example) and will not overwrite your existing config file. If you want to stay on the bleeding edge, you can also clone the GitHub repo and run "git fetch" whenever you want to update to the latest version of Tera-WURFL. Make sure to check out the Installation Guide!


UPDATED July 2, 2010 to support the Tera-WURFL Remote Webservice
This version of WALL4PHP has been modified for Tera-WURFL 2 (103KB, 02 July 2010)

Please see the Tera-WURFL WALL4PHP documentation for detailed installation instructions.


This version of HAWHAW has been modified and optimized for Tera-WURFL 2 (40KB, 24 Feb 2010)

Version History

Stable 2.1.5

Released 06 Jun 2011 Tera-WURFL is now part of ScientiaMobile

Stable 2.1.4

Released 21 Feb 2011

Stable 2.1.3

Released 18 Sep 2010

Stable 2.1.2

Released 14 May 2010

Stable 2.1.1

Released 03 Mar 2010

Stable 2.1.0

Released 10 Feb 2010

Stable 2.0.0

Released 13 Nov 2009

NOTE: you need the CREATE PROCEDURE and EXECUTE permissions as of this release

Pre-Release 2.0.0 RC5

Released 01 Nov 2009 Spent a week sifting through 30,000 unique user agents over and over again while making adjustments to the UserAgentMatchers. The device detection is now extremely accurate. Not only will it detect mobile devices accurately, it is also very good at differentiating between wireless and non wireless devices. Here are the major changes:

User Agent: Alcatel-OT-280/1.0 model-orange ObigoInternetBrowser/Q03C Matcher History: AlcatelUserAgentMatcher(exact), AlcatelUserAgentMatcher(conclusive), AlcatelUserAgentMatcher(recovery), CatchAllUserAgentMatcher(recovery) This shows that the User Agent was assigned the Alcatel Matcher, but after looking for an exact match, a conclusive match and a recovery match, no match could be found - therefore the CatchAll Matcher was used to make a last-resort desicion.

Tera-WURFL Total Time: 12.081017971039 sec Devices Processed: 23902 Total Queries: 23912

WURFL PHP API Total Time: 217.57795381546 sec Devices Processed: 23902 Total Queries: N/A

As you can see, Tera-WURFL is still the best choice for accuracy and performance. Tera-WURFL may be even faster than these number indicate since the WURFL PHP API was benefiting greatly from my Samsung SSD.

Hardware used for testing: Dell Studio XPS Laptop, Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz, 4GB DDR2, 256GB Samsung SSD, Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x64, WampServer 2.0 (Apache 2.2.11, PHP 5.3.0, MySQL 5.1.36)

Pre-Release 2.0.0 RC4

Released 26 Oct 2009 Rewrote some of the UserAgentMatchers and deleted others to bring Tera-WURFL on par with the Java WURFL API. With the introduction of desktop browser UserAgentMatchers, we no longer need to use the large web patch; instead, you can just use the 8KB one from (included). Also, I fixed some typos and bugs here and there. NOTE: if you are upgrading from version 2.0.0 RC1-RC3 you should delete all your database tables before you update. You can leave the terawurflcache table if you want to retain your cache. Although it will still technically work even if you don't delete the tables, you will be orphaning some unecessary tables in your database.

Pre-Release 2.0.0 RC3

Released 20 Oct 2009 Complete code-rewrite from the ground up. The 2.x version of Tera-WURFL is loosely based on a pre-release of the Java WURFL Evolution Library, but the API is taken from Tera-WURFL 1.5.2. The following is a list of features found in Tera-WURFL 2.0:

Stable 1.5.2

Released 27 July 2007

getDeviceCapabilitiesFromAgent() function now returns boolean true (match) or false (no match).

Stable 1.5.1

Released 09 May 2007 Fixed a bug that prevented the updating system from working correctly over the web.
If you have version 1.5.0 you can delete line 266 from the file tera_wurfl_parser.php and it will function the same as 1.5.1.

Stable 1.5.0

Released 27 Apr 2007

Beta 1.4.4

Released 26 Dec 2006

Beta 1.4.3

Released 26 Dec 2006

Beta 1.4.2

Released 16 Nov 2006

Beta 1.4.1

Released 27 Oct 2006 Fixed issues with incorrectly identified device root resulting in the wrong device image being used.

Beta 1.4.0

Released 27 Oct 2006 Added support for the Device Thumbnails by André van den Heever and Luca Passani.

Beta 1.3.0

Released 26 Oct 2006

Beta 1.2

Released 26 Oct 2006 Initial public release. Basic implementation of the library - very limited documentation included in comments.


Released 25 Oct 2006 Internal release. This is left on the site for historical reasons only. Use of this version is not recommended!

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